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Emergency 01522 683300
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Park View Veterinary Hospital 01522 683300
Witham St Hughs Branch Surgery 01522 869 581


See below a list of most of the services we provide


See below a list of most of the services we provide

Specialist Interests

Specialist Interests

View our specialist interests.

Routine Services

  • Microchipping - Now a legal requirement for dogs and we can scan and check the details held are up to date for you.

  • Neutering - We offer neutering for; Male and female dogs, cats, rabbits and other small furries.

  • Preventative flea and worm treatment.

  • Routine vaccinations and health checks - both for new puppies, kittens and rabbits and also annually for adult animals.

  • Cat Friendly Clinics
  • Golden Oldies Clinics
  • Home Visits
  • In-Patients
  • Nurse Clinics
  • PDSA Petcare
  • Pet Care Plan
  • Physiotherapy
  • Prescriptions and Special Diets

Cat Friendly Clinics

We all know that some cats find the presence of dogs quite scary

Here at Park View we have consulting times where only cats will be booked in.

This is to try and help our feline friends, who are of a more sensitive disposition, from coming across dogs, whilst visiting our surgery.

This is just one of the steps we have made to gain our 'Cat Friendly Status' awarded by International Cat Care, formerly the Feline Advisory Bureau, annually.  Another is our dedicated waiting area, available any time you bring your cat family in to see us.

Please enquire at reception on 01522 683300 if you would like a cat friendly appointment.

Golden Oldies Clinics

Park View Veterinary Hospital’s team of Qualified Veterinary Nurses are delighted to announce our ‘Golden Oldies Clinic’ aimed at Cats over 10 years of age and Dogs over 8 years of age.

You may have noticed subtle changes in your pet, maybe their eating and drinking habits have changed, or they have slowed down a bit and are not as keen to exercise.

We care about your pet’s health and want him/her to enjoy a long and healthy life as much as possible without illness.

During the free 20 minute consult, one of our experienced nurses will perform a full examination of your pet, have a chat with you about their lifestyle and work through a senior pet booklet (which we ask you to complete the questionnaire prior to the appointment). This will allow us to establish your pet’s general health and help pinpoint any areas of concern that you may have.*

* Please note that this is a free discussion with one of our Qualified Veterinary Nurses on senior pet healthcare, not for any other problems or on-going issues.

For further details please contact the surgery on 01522 683300

Home Visits

These can be arranged through reception, however it is stressed that most animals receive a more comprehensive examination at the hospital, where we have a full range of treatments and diagnostic tools.

If you are unable to transport your pet to the surgery, we provide a nurse collection and delivery service. For both these services please contact our surgery early in the morning, so provision can be made during the working day to accommodate you.


Admissions for surgery or clinical procedures

Monday - Friday: 8.00am - 9.00am

Please note that your pet will be checked in by a vet or a nurse and this may incur a short wait.

Discharges after surgery are usually from 4.00pm by appointment.

Ward rounds take place at 7.45am and at 6.45pm, during which inpatients are handed over from a PVVH veterinary surgeon to a Vets Now veterinary surgeon and vice versa, thus ensuring a continuity of care.

Every morning each in-patient is re-examined and their treatment plan is re-assessed, therefore, please telephone after 10.00am for an update, as we treat the pets before updating the computer for the reception team!

Many owners like to visit their pet, if it is hospitalised. This can be of benefit but needs to be by prior arrangement. Please contact the surgery to arrange a visit and/or a time to speak to a veterinary surgeon about your pet’s progress. Call us on 01522 683300.

Nurse Clinics

Our qualified nurses run clinics where they are happy to give advice on:

  • Diets
  • Weight control
  • Worm and flea treatment
  • Puppy training
  • Rabbit behaviour/husbandry
  • Dental hygiene
  • Pet behaviour

They can:

  • Remove sutures/staples
  • Empty anal glands
  • Clip nails
  • Insert microchips
  • Perform post-operative checks
  • Change dressings

All appointments can be booked through reception on 01522 683300.


PDSA Petcare

PDSA Petcare provides a package of care and benefits that is administered directly by the PDSA.

If you would like to find our more and live in postcode areas - LN1, LN2, LN3, LN4, LN5, or LN6 you can call them on 0808 1645040 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. You can also email them at petcare.enquiries@pdsa.org.uk

Please note that under the new scheme everything is approved and financed through the PDSA and not locally at the practice.

To apply and be accepted you need to contact the PDSA before you come to see us. 

You may like to follow this link to find out about eligibility  - https://www.pdsa.org.uk/taking-care-of-your-pet/eligibility.

Pet Care Plan

Budgeting monthly for your pet’s essential health needs can help you spread the cost and give you peace of mind. 

Cover includes:

  • Routine vaccinations
  • Flea treatments
  • Worm treatments
  • 10% off all treatments
  • 10% off all food purchases
  • Microchipping
  • A 6 month health check consultation with a vet including blood and urine tests

Plans are available for dogs, cats, and rabbits. We will be pleased to give you a quote for your individual pet, and information on how to join the scheme. 

Please contact our reception team on 01522 683300.


We are happy to recommend 'T A Physiotherapy Services', run by Trudi Allen, for all our patients requiring physiotherapy.

Trudi is a Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapist and runs clinics at our surgery at Witham St Hughs

To find out more call us at Witham St Hughs on 01522 869581 or Trudie direct on 07746 775069

You can also visit her website - www.taphysiotherapyservices.co.uk.

Prescriptions and Special Diets

If your pet is on long term medication we will need to examine him/her on a regular basis.

Your veterinary surgeon will advise you as to how frequently this needs to be (it will be at least once every 3 months).

If you need more medication or food between check ups then please ring the surgery after 10am to place your order and let the surgery have 48 hours notice prior to collection to make sure your treatment is ready. 

Written prescriptions are available on request (please give 48 hours notice).