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Rabbit Awareness Week Success at Park View Veterinary Hospital North Hykeham Lincoln - June 2019 

RAWPark View Vets always runs a Rabbit Awareness Week in June in line with the national event supported by a leading rabbit food supplier - you can find out more at the website - https://www.rabbitawarenessweek.co.uk/

Our RVN Rabbit & Guinea Pig special interest nurse, Sally, and RVN  Jennie, who joined Sally this year with the dedicated clinics, were both delighted with this year’s response  - ‘’normally we run clinics over one week, but they were massively oversubscribed and we had to extend the number of clinics we offered to the whole of June’’ said Sally.

Sally was delighted with the not only the number of rabbits that came to see us but also how owners were actively engaging with their pets as family members, from taking a serious interest in their welfare, feeding them the right food, making sure they had enough space to hope around in and most importantly recognising the need for company .

The free clinics lasted approximately 20 minutes and included a mini health check, nail clipping, a worksheet on looking after rabbits and their needs, as well as a great value freebie takeaway bag with the treats and helpful information.

RabbitJennie added that they were pleased with how many owners proactively asked about our pet care plan, wanted to insure their bunnies and get them neutered.

"Clients actually asked me what was the best monthly care plan for their rabbits, and if they could get them insured. We also offered a 10% discount voucher to help with neutering and the all important RVHD2 vaccination protection. So now we have happy healthy bunnies and lovely responsible owners.  It’s been a great rabbit awareness week, well, month. Here’s to a hopping good one in 2020 too"

Come and Meet Us - Monday 27th May 2019 

Spring Fete

WEF 1st April 2019 - Introduction Of A Claim Form Processing Fee

From the 1st April 2019 we are introducing a fee to cover thWEF 1st April 2019 - Introduction Of A Claim Form Processing Feee administration costs involved with processing insurance claims. This is something we have resisted doing for a long time, however due to the large number of insurance claims that we now process, we have decided that in order to cover postage, photocopying, and staff time in completing the forms it has become a necessity.

The charges will be as follows: 

  • First claim for a new condition £25.00
  • Continuation claim for an ongoing condition £10.50 a quarter


  1. Dog has road traffic accident and is seen by out of hours by Vets Now, then has a fracture repair with the Park View Staff, and a claim is processed for the fracture with us. This is a New Claim to the Park View Staff and will incur a fee of £25.00
  2. Cat is diagnosed with Diabetes and requires life time treatment with insulin. The first claim will incur a charge of £25.00 and then every three months onwards a fee of £10.50 for continuation forms. This amounts to a total of £56.50 in charges for the first year and then £42.00 per annum.
  3. Dog has a skin allergy and is on life long treatment, which started three years ago and the client is paying £10.50 per quarter for the continuation forms, but then he develops a mass which requires surgery and the client wishes to claim for that also. The new claim incurs a charge of £25.00 but assuming the client claims for the skin condition and the mass removal on the same form, the quarter that the claim falls in will cost £25.00 rather the £10.50 - not both.

The reason we have decided to introduce a quarterly charge rather than a charge per claim form is that most clients are collecting long term medication every three months and having a repeat prescription consultation at the same time. However, a few clients submit forms every month, and we wish to encourage them to submit forms regularly and will not penalise them by charging per form.

Clients on our Pet Care Plan will receive a 10% discount.

If you have any further queries regarding this please speak to a member of staff, and thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter.

February 2019 - Can you afford up to a £2000 fine?

This could happen if your dog is not secured properly in your vehicle. In addition if you are involved in an accident and your dog is not suitably restrained you may be invalidating your insurance. Best be safe, secure your dog. Check Now.


1st Birthday Party

It's almost a year since we opened our branch surgery dedicated to serving clients in the Witham St Hughs area of Lincolnshire across to Newark in Nottinghamshire. To celebrate we are having coffee and cake and would love to see you - especially all our clients who have registered with us and have pets who are maybe celebrating their birthday too - join us and see whats new, we will also hold a raffle to raise funds for our Charity of the Year Petsavers - look forward to seeing you there.

December 2018 - Staff Training

Client Notice re Staff Training - with effect 18th December 2018 we will be closing for one hour each 4th Tuesday to facilitate staff training - please note the following dates and times. Both North Hykeham and Witham St Hughs Surgeries will be closed.

Staff Training Days

Adopt Dogs From AbroadDecember 2018

As animal lovers lots of us will have seen adverts, requests, pleas for help, to adopt dogs from abroad. Anyone thinking about this will undoubtedly have lots of questions and we would be pleased to answer any that you may have. A useful leaflet outlining some points to consider can be found here.



Do you take your pets abroad?November 9th 2018 - Do you take your pets abroad?

Please note the following information from the Government link on Pet Travel.

We are alerting you to the potential need to plan early post Brexit in the event of a no deal scenerio.

It suggests a four month lead time which may impact anyone planning on taking pets abroad for Easter 2019 - for example.


Communication PreferencesCommunication Preferences

Further to GDPR Data Regulations brought in May 2018, we would like clients to take a moment to reflect on the details they have shared with us. For example, do you know what we have on file and how you may receive a communication from us? Have you opted to designate a 'delegate' for communications if you are away or unable to speak to us? Pop in or call us on 01522 683300.



New Puppy & Kitten Advice From Park View Vets In LincolnNew Puppy Or Kitten? - October 2018

Always a great time and so much to think about - our updated Puppy & Kitten Leaflets might give you some useful ideas and help plan those first few weeks and months. Included in our Puppy & Kitten Packs when you bring your new babies to us, but also available seperately - please call us on 01522 683300 for your copy or pick one up at Reception.

But which Puppy and is it right for me? - if you are considering a puppy you might like to look at a website created by the Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) and the RSPCA - it looks at all aspects of decision making and questions you need to ask that might assist you in your choice of puppy - https://puppycontract.org.uk/

Annual BoostersAnnual Boosters

Vaccination for your pet is very important in protecting them from serious diseases, annual boosters keep their immunity up to date. If boosters are missed then a full course of vaccination has to start again. Generally if you are boarding your pet you will find the business requires to see your pet's vaccinations records, always check well in advance with the establishment what they may require. 

You can always check with us when your pet's boosters are due by calling us on 01522 683300 or popping into Reception or asking the Vet when you in a consult.

Whilst, as a courtesy, we try and send annual reminders, they may get missed or lost and it is ultimately the responsibility of the owner to ensure their pet is up to date with its immunity coverage.


JanineStudent Success - August 2018

We are delighted to congratulate Janine on passing her final exams and who is now a fully qualified veterinary nurse - Janine started as kennel assistant with us four years ago and has now completed her three years training to become an RVN  - A huge well done from all the team. Janine is also one of our nominated Cat Advocates promoting cat care and health.


Holiday Updates


Alabama Foot Rot

Read about 'Alabama Rot' and how to look for symptoms by clicking here.

OPEN EVENING SUCCESS - Wednesday 30th May 2018

A huge Thank You to everyone who came along on the 30th May - What a smashing evening we had, approximately 30 folk came to hear interesting talks by Resident Physio Trudi Allen, (available on Tuesdays at our WSH branch), and Elanco, providers of those all important flea and worm treatments, who explained why we should evaluate when and why we worm.


There were tables of different information, from what its like to be a veterinary nurse to talking to our groomers #PawsToGroom .We had some delicious cakes made by the #VeterinaryNurses who also begged, borrowed and weedled some great raffle prizes out of various veterinary suppliers and made a grand job of raising funds for the #GiraffeConservationFoundation.

In total we will be sending a cheque to the Foundation for just over £170 - Thank you for your wonderful support.

 New Chosen Charity For The YearNew Chosen Charity For The Year

Park View vets are pleased to announce that their chosen charity of the year is Petsavers - a charity set up as part of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association, dedicated to improving the health of pets by relieving the distress and pain caused by diseases, so that our pets can enjoy longer, fuller and healthier lives. The mission of Petsavers is to fund vital clinical research into the prevention, treatment and/or cure of illnesses and conditions affecting pets. 

As vets we see many illnesses and diseases that could benefit from the results of such research and if we can do anything in turn to help your pets lead a better life we will, we think supporting this cause is one of those things. We will be holding events during the year and asking for your donations - the first one will be to sponsor our Vet Sarah Bartlett as she takes on the Lincoln 10k again on 1st July.  Look out for updates on our Facebook pages

You can read more about Petsavers at their webpage - http://www.petsavers.org.uk/

Donations can be in person at reception or by our just giving page which can be accessed here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/felicity-sayers2

Donations given online immediately benefit the charity and you can see how much we have raised straightaway.

Official Opening Day Witham St Hughs Branch Surgery

Monday 26th February saw us open our new branch surgery with pupils from Witham St Hughs Academy cutting the ribbon for us (i'll post some pictures in drop box marked WSH use a couple on th enews page section and the attached one for the front page piece) After a tour of the surgery and facilities, cake, and goody bags were given as a thank you. The children also created some lovely posters for us to hang on the walls. We had several people come in and register, met some young four footed clients, and ran our first afternoon's consultations. The surgery is open every day and the direct line telephone number is 01522 869581. Clients are automatically registered at both our surgeries and you can choose where you would like to be seen.

Vets In Witham St Hughs Practice Photos

Opening hours at Witham St Hughs will be 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm Monday to Friday (except Wednesday when we close at 4pm).

We are open now for new clients to register and appointments to be made - Please call us on 01522 683300. You can also register your pets online here.

We are excited to be joining the community of Witham St Hughs and look forward to being your first point of contact for all things small pet health related.

Park View Vets - ‘Putting you and your pet at the heart of everything we do’

Park View Vets Witham St HughsWSH Announcement And Opening Hours

Park View Veterinary Hospital, North Hykeham  is delighted to announce that their new branch Surgery at Witham St Hughs will open on Monday 26th February 2018 at 11am.

The official opening will be done by children from Witham St Hughs Academy, who have designed some lovely posters for us, and with whom we have been working with over the last few months. You are cordially invited to come along and join the children, meet Clinical Directors from Park View and have a tour of the facilities. We will be serving tea and coffee and having a celebration cake too.

Our first consultations will take place from 2 pm on the 26th February 2018.

Opening hours at Witham St Hughs will be 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm Monday to Friday (except Wednesday when we close at 4pm).

We are open now for new clients to register and appointments to be made - Please call us on 01522 683300. You can also register your pets online here.

We are excited to be joining the community of Witham St Hughs and look forward to being your first point of contact for all things small pet health related.

Park View Vets - ‘Putting you and your pet at the heart of everything we do’


Exciting News - We are Growing

Park View Vets Lincoln - New Branch Surgery Image

The end of 2017 should see us welcoming new and existing clients to our brand new branch surgery, located in Witham St Hughs, just off the A46 Newark Road and approximately 5 miles south of our North Hykeham Hospital site. 

Park View Vets Lincoln - New Branch Surgery ImageBuilding work has commenced and we will be part of a double unit with the other side being a cafe. The site sits behind the village Cooperative store and adjacent to the village school. Whilst Witham St Hughs has been a small hamlet it is now a rapidly growing village with new homes being built and other retail outlets. It is still 'in the country' but has very close links to the main roads and towns of Newark and Lincoln are approximately half an hour away in either direction.
The Park View Witham St Hughs branch surgery will have two consult rooms and be manned to enable morning and afternoon surgeries with referrals for hospital treatments and tests back at our main hospital site as needed. We hope to issue regular prescriptions and sell our range of foods and toys for all your pets there too.
We look forward to extending our services, 'putting you and your pet, at the heart of everything we do'. More information will be available in the coming weeks. In the meantime please call us on 01522 683300 if you have any questions or would like more information.

Updates from Park View 

We are delighted to announce that Sarah Radley (left who joined us in November 2016 has now successfully passed her final Veterinary Nurse exams and is now a fully qualified RVN. Adding to the team in January 2017 we welcome Louise Airey RVN, who has recently moved into the area. See some more on our new nurses in the Our Team section.


Our Nominated Charities for 2017

We are pleased to announce our chosen charities are Hounds for Heroes and Canine Partners 

Both do amazing work giving assistance dogs to disabled folk 

Canine Partners is a nationally recognised charity and Hounds for Heroes is a relatively new one that needs our support! 

Look out for events and activities through the year to help raise funds for them. 

If you are in the practice we will also be accepting donations at reception too - THANK YOU - please give generously

Click on the photos to go direct to the charities websites


October 2016

Celebrating 20 years at Park View! - Congratulations to Pauline, one of our Reception Team and your contact for all things 'insurance'




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